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JOBS.  This is why it matters . . . 


In 2014, less than 12% disabled persons were employed in Michigan.


Generally, the unemployment rate of disabled persons is 100% greater than the "normal" unemployment rate.


Lack of meaningful employment opportunities (and higher unemployment rate) for disabled persons translates into a disabled person's proverty rate being 100% than the national poverty rate.  

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Disability Statistics    

At MI Community, we have our hands on the pulse of the present while our eyes are focused on the future.  We know that the tomorrow's employability of today's special needs students will depend upon the skills, training, and relationships that have been years in the making.   


MI Community is all about forging deep roots.  Inclusive communities respect and honor individual differences.  And, inclusive communities understand the value in employing members of their community, disabled and otherwise.  

At MI Community, we are always looking for companies and organizations who are committed to the community in which they operate.   We are also looking to show students how businesses fit within the community and future employment possibilities.

We plan to educate companies about persons with disabilities and how to incorporate job seekers into their workplace.  

If you are an employer interested in hiring, or may have opportunties for, special needs young adults, please contact MI Community to discuss the beginnings of a relationship that does good for good.  




Inclusion for All; Reclusion for None
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