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MI Community was born, after developing years of relationships and connections, a general education peer was concerned that students from grade school went to one middle school and the "ASD students" went to another.   She was afraid that she and her friends would lose touch with the ASD students. From there is when the idea sparked to create social event opportunities to cultivate friendships social interaction and new experiences outside of the typical school day. 

inclusion for all reclusion for none


MI Community's first project involved the cultivation of an effective peer to peer program so all students -- special needs and otherwise -- continue their friendship, mentorship, and leadership beyond the school bell.  In doing so, a successful program must be relevant for all participants, community-based, student-run, and have the involvement of the school as true partner.

At MI Community, we have developed partnerships with community organizations, government officials, schools, businesses, and parents throughout the State of Michigan.  Scores of students have submitted applications to be a part of this peer to peer group.  

As an example of our deep community ties, MI Community's fundraising efforts have positioned it well to develop joint, strategic programming where not only all students benefit but the roots of these students become even more deeply planted into the community soil.  

The origin off MI Community began loosley and organiically evolved.  With proof of concept in hand, we transformed an informal group into a bona-fide non-profit corporation.  And, as a recognized charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the group is well positioned to begin fund raising efforts while donors may experience tax benefits. 

To make a tax deductible donation: Please send a check to MI Community Corp.  10095 Lincoln Dr.  Huntington Woods, MI 48070.  

Inclusion for All; Reclusion for None
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